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Are You Working For Patients or Insurance Companies?

  • Can you offer the level of care you want for your patients?
  • Are you struggling to be a good doctor when the only way to make enough money is to see more patients?
  • How are you going to manage all of these changes?

  • Are you making these statments?
  • I am always dealing with non-patient issues.
  • I am so weary of trying to choose between good care and good business.
  • The EMR and E/M coding rules keep changing.
  • I have to comply with "Meaningful-Use" criteria for my EMR.
  • I am so tired of practicing defensive medicine.
  • What does Direct Care mean to Me?

    Approximately 90% of healthcare services today are conducted as primary care. Using health insurance drives up the cost, making even basic care too costly for many Americans. Moreover, using insurance for primary care forces you to see so many patients each day that it's difficult to spend adequate time with any of them. This means you are forced to refer patients for pricey tests, specialists and hospitals.

    Improve how your patients receive their primary health care.


    Start practicing medicine again.

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